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Do you live in the Pella or surrounding areas?  Do you want to earn free clothes?  Host a Luv Cole Party and earn $10 in LC Bucks for every $100 sold.  Hostess have earned between $50 - $200 worth of free clothes! To book a party, email us at or message us on Facebook. 

How do trunk shows work?
The structure of a trunk show is "open house style".  Meaning, people can come and go as they please.  There isn't a presentation of any type so it doesn't matter if they show up at the beginning and have to leave or if they have to wait until the end.
How do you get free clothes?
By hosting a trunk show you get $10 of Luv Cole Bucks for every $100 spent!   Luv Cole Bucks are for you to use at the conclusion of your party so we can close out the sale. If you decide to host a party with a friend then you will split the “Bucks”.  
How do we get started?
I will set up a Facebook party page for you.  Once I “invite” you, you will be able to invite anyone you are Facebook friends with.  You can also invite people by email or word of mouth.  I’ll posts things in the Facebook page to give your friends a taste for what I have to offer as well as answer some of their questions before the party.  
What inventory will my guest be able to shop at my party?
Since our parties are now in-store events, your guests will be able to shop our entire inventory!
When is the best time?
Tuesdays and Thursdays are the most popular days for parties but we can make any day except Sundays and Wednesdays work.  For evenings, any two hours between 5:30 and 8:30 is usually a good time frame.  Saturdays mid- morning to early afternoon usually works best for guests.
What time should set up begin?
Everything will be set up when you get there but if you would like to provide refreshments for your guests you may want to come early.
Some ladies choose to have snacks at their party.  If you are not sure what you want to provide for your guests I suggest for drinks: Something cold and something hot.  And for snack: something sweet and something crunchy.  It turns out that most people don’t want to be eating food like meatballs when trying on clothes and so far dips have also been unpopular.  When ladies are browsing they tend to want something they can grab a few of such as pretzels and m&m’s.
RSVP Requirements
In order to make this event one that is both beneficial and profitable for both you, the host, and Luv Cole Boutique, we ask that you acquire at least 15 “Going” RSVP’s 48-hours prior to the trunk show date.  
These numbers ensure that you, the host, will have plenty of shoppers present, thus hopefully resulting in more dollars spent and more Luv Cole Bucks for you :)